High Tech Consulting

In Office Assessment

Reduce the Risk!

This assessment will let you know where you are, where you want to go, what you need to do to get there and what it will cost.

Often the most difficult part of implementing new technology is change.

It is not the choosing it is the using.

This onsite assessment is a great value, and essential for any dental office that wants to move ahead effectively with technology.

Using advanced technology will change how things are done in the dental office. It will change the nature of some of the tasks. It will change how much time is required to do things. It will change the location of some tasks.  It will change the personnel needed. It will change how we communicate with each other and with our patients and it will allow us to do some things we could never have never done before.

The Assessment includes:

 Four Evaluations:

Four Solutions:

We will come to your office and spend a day evaluating your systems and your team then present a detailed report that will guide you in making high tech decisions.

The Next Step

"The future is coming and it will be amazing."