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Technology is changing the world at a remarkable pace.

Understand and use it well… or be left in the dust.

Implementing new technology involves more than buying and installing a product - it also requires change.  People resist change for a variety of reasons and overcoming that resistance, from both doctors and staff, is often more of a challenge than actually using the technology.

Dr. Larry Emmott is recognized as the nation's top expert on computer technology in the dental office. His high energy programs provide the tools needed to make wise technological decisions, saving time and thousands of dollars.  Learn how social media can effectively support your dental practice and how to guard your online reputation.  And just as importantly, learn real world measures dentists should take beyond the paperwork that can make an actual difference in patient data security.

Choose from Dr. Emmott’s most popular presentations, or contact our office to customize a presentation for your next meeting.

The High Tech Paperless Office:
Paperless Records | Digital Work Flow | Online Services

Digital technology starts with paperless records and empowers a more efficient digital work flow. Learn what e-services are and how they can improve patient care and increase profitability.

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Google Juice
Using the Internet Effectively

Understand website findability and how to develop webpages that turn shoppers into patients. Learn to use social media effectively to support your dental practice and guard your online reputation.

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Hackers, HIPAA and Hype:
Understanding Data Safety and Patient Confidentiality

Learn the critical elements of risk assessment, steps to compliance and how to prevent a data breach. Learn the one procedure needed to protect your practice from data breach (your “get out of jail free” card).

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Real Life in the Dental Office:
Who Says Dentists Aren't Funny?

Let Larry open the meeting or provide entertainment at the annual dinner. Give your attendees a break or liven up a staff appreciation luncheon with the wit and humor of Dr. Larry Emmott!

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The Future is Coming and It Will Be Amazing!