Technology Guides

Computers in the Treatment rooms


  • Why Bother?
  • The Digital Nervous System
  • Hardware
  • Six Keys
  • Treatment Room Monitors
  • Tower Position
  • Back Wall
  • Input Options
  • Accessories
  • Budget

The fastest growing trend in dentistry is putting computers in the treatment rooms.

The question then arises...OK now that I have all these computers, where the heck do I put this stuff?  Many dentists either just assume there is no room for a computer or they stuff it somewhere between the sink and the glove dispenser ... then wonder why it doesn’t work very well.

My comprehensive technology guide, “Computers in the Treatment Rooms” lists the six keys to computers in the operatory and it will answer the basic question...Why bother?  It then provides step by step help in setting up the computers, including the four access points, avoiding mistakes and resources for hard to locate parts and accessories. “Computers in the Treatment Rooms” will answer all your questions, provide a plan and show you how to save money… all delivered in a fun and easy to understand style.

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The books are available as an immediate download in .pdf format. In that way you get them instantly when you order; no waiting weeks for the books to arrive. You can also keep electronic copies on several different computers for easy reference, or print as many copies as you need for the office. If you still want a hard copy contact me directly via e-mail.