“I have never had so much fun at a course! The material was great, up-to-date, and fascinating!” - Dr. Jim Loch, Norwalk, OH

“Dr. Emmott is very entertaining and makes learning fun. Lots of great usable information to take back to the office.” - Ginger Roberts, Practice Administrator

"Larry is excellent...His knowledge was very helpful in a very confusing field. His cut to the bottom line attitude helped me decide on several new items for my office." - Dr. Jeff Barrera, San Diego, CA

“Thank you for making our AADPA meeting one of the best ever, you did a fantastic job.” - Fred Riddle, DDS

“Investing one’s self in change, growth and learning in cutting edge technology with Larry is pure pleasure. I find Larry's knowledge and willingness to help superseded only by his kindness and gentleness for those still struggling to master the marvels of the technology in dentistry.”  - Omer Reed, Phoenix, AZ

“This seminar will bring the future into your office TODAY! This is a must-attend seminar.” - Dr. Brent Sonnenberg, Salt Lake City, UT

“THE BEST LECTURE SERIES I have ever heard on the subject of dental technology. Dr Emmott did not miss a single thing from the Administrative part of the office to the Clinical.” - Anna Marcotte; Practice Consultant, Winter Springs, FL

"One of the best, most informative and enjoyable seminars of my 32 years of practice!" - Dr. Randy Horn, Solano Beach, CA

"I would recommend this course to anyone planning a new office. Great information that will save the dentist lots of dollars. And... the mountain biking Rocked!" - Dr. Micheal Seip, N. Arizona

“The feedback from the attendees was so positive. Your delivery and speaking style are what makes your program so interesting and captivates the audience. You are funny and intelligent with just the right amount of sarcasm.” - Eleanor Gill, DDS

“Your content and presentation were tremendous! I gained a LOT of perspective on a more effective way to position technology in a dental practice. Thank you so much.” - Kirk Greenway, Henry Schein Dental